AgencyAgile: End the Meeting Madness

Everyone knows that meetings suck…Meetings destroy your people’s productive time and focus — often containing up to 80% non-value add time.

Here’s your first step to fixing that. Assess your meeting quality and design better and fewer meetings using AgencyAgile’s Day Structure methods, part of their Level II managerial training program used by over 50+ agencies and that enables massive improvements in productivity, team satisfaction and quality of work.

You’ll walk away with improvements you can implement immediately after this 2-hour workshop brought to you by MissCollective & featuring Jack Skeels, CEO of AgencyAgile, productivity experts for some of the top A-list agencies in the US and abroad, and author of the upcoming book, Flatforce, A Manifesto for Modern Managers.

This is a must-attend workshop for managers of all types — even those who don’t work in an agency or marketing setting.

You’ll gain key insights and learn practical methods:

  • Why your meetings are so ineffective
  • How to measure your meeting effectiveness
  • Understand Day Structure and how it impacts meeting effectiveness
  • How to improve meeting effectiveness using the Purpose-Built Meeting model
  • How to eliminate unnecessary meetings using rapid, productivity-boosting “check-ins”

As a result of attending this workshop, you’ll be more effective at participating in, organising, running and fixing meetings of all types.

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Facilitated by Jack Skeels, CEO of AgencyAgile

Jack Skeels, CEO AgencyAgile

Mr. Skeels is a recovering client delivery services executive, whose career included leading Sapient’s 105-person Los Angeles office, several years as a RAND Corporation management scientist and graduate-level marketing professor. A two-time Inc-500 Award winner, Jack’s current mission is to create a revolution in agency management practices, optimal organization design, and delivery excellence. In the last 4 years, his company has taught Agile-based, self-managed team techniques to over 2,500 agency staff, and over 50 agencies.

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Email Miss Collective if you are interested in this event for next time we run it.

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