Negotiate Your Worth

Did you know the majority of female job seekers take the first number presented when considering a salary offer? And did you know the majority of male job seekers never do?


It’s this startling statistic we are looking to change – and fast.


Anna O’Dea, Founder of Agency Iceberg is putting the power back into womens hands by giving them the tools to negotiate their worth at work.



In this two hour workshop, Anna will share her own experiences of negotiating packages for hundreds of women in every stage of their career, from your first job, to management, to negotiating C-suite packages.


Get the facts and confidence to articulate your worth – before you go into your next negotiation. Sometimes it’s as simple as asking the question and working collaboratively with your employer to land on a package that works for both parties.
In the session:


1. Negotiating salary 101 – do’s and dont’s of a first offer and how to raise the topic with your manager.
2. Negotiating promotions, packages and salary packages, such as non monetary benefits that add value to your education / work life balance – it’s not always about the money!
3. Understanding when there are opportunities to present yourself as a candidate for a promotion (such as managing more staff, managing larger accounts and taking on more responsibility) and how to articulate the value you deliver a business.

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Anna O'Dea

Anna O’Dea, Founder & Director of Agency Iceberg

Australian recruitment expert Anna O’Dea has placed thousands of employees in Australia’s most prestigious workplaces, working with award winning creative teams, brands and global agencies.

Responsible for analysing the worlds marketplace to secure the best talent for some of Australia’s most respected agencies, Anna knows all too well the importance of knowing what you’re worth, and how to communicate that to land 5 a job and life you love.

Anna has counselled hundreds of applicants through tricky negotiations, from salary and non monetary perks.

Email us to enquire about when we will be running this workshop next!


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