Inspired by… Zara D’Cotta

Zara D'Cotta, Author & Keynote Speaker

1. Tell us what this quote means to you and how it inspires you on a daily basis
Different quotes resonate with me at different times, but this is one I often find myself going back to when I lose perspective. We can become so consumed by situations at work, in our businesses and personal lives, that in the grand scheme of life, don’t really matter. Sometimes I have to give myself a bit of a nudge and remember to grateful that I am here, and re-focus my energy on the bigger picture. Gratitude has been an incredibly powerful tool for helping me overcome the challenges that have come my way.

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Inspired by… Tara Ness

Tara Ness, Customer Experience Consultant

1. Tell us what this quote means to you and how it inspires you on a daily basis.
I have to admit, I don’t collect any inspirational quotes to keep me motivated and focused, and perhaps I should! But there is one quote that I have found relevant my entire life. Everything happens for a reason, I truly believe this. When life throws all different things as you, it’s important to believe there is a reason behind it. When I look back on the significant relationships in my life and career opportunities I have had, they were all a result of little decisions I made. I had no idea those decisions would take me to where I am now. When I have had challenging experiences, I look back now and try to learn as I believe there was a reason why I had to face it.

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Inspired by… Allison Tsao

Allison Tsao, Humans Who Lead

1. Tell us what this quote means to you and how it inspires you on a daily basis
This quote captures how I’ve evolved in my own life – my journey of growth. Too often, we as human beings suffer because we want to change things that are out of our control. We struggle so much because we think to ourselves, “if only I could change that person, or if only that person would listen.” What we don’t realise is if we change ourselves – our attitudes, mindsets, and behaviours – that we can actually affect real change in the world. It’s called role modelling, or as Gandhi put it, “being the change you want to see in the world”. We must focus on developing ourselves in order to contribute to the positive evolution of humanity.

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Inspired by… Amie Fitt

Amie Fitt, Sparro Designs

1. Tell us what this quote means to you and how it inspires you on a daily basis
“Wing it til you bring it” was recently introduced to me by the talented Andrea Clarke (Career CEO).  It struck a chord and has become my new mantra!  So much of starting Sparro has been navigating uncharted waters. I experience at least one moment every day that either throws me a completely new challenge, or one I feel utterly unequipped to manage. Thus “Wing it…” has been a powerful and positive reminder that to succeed I need to step up, take control and keep moving forward.

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Inspired by… Sheree Rubinstein

Sheree Rubinstein, CEO, One Roof

1. Tell us what this quote means to you and how it inspires you on a daily basis
Regardless of whether you run your own business or work for someone else, I believe we should all act and think like an entrepreneur. An  entrepreneur thinks outside the box, they take risks, they innovate, they think about the future and the way the world of work is changing, they listen and observe, they test and learn, they are resourceful, they work towards solving big problems in meaingful ways. We have this quote splashed across one of the walls at One Roof. We recognise that it is hard to be and act like an entrepreneur and it can most of the time feel like falling of a cliff but it’s also exhilarating and game changing. We encourage our members and our community to think fast, act smart and build products and services that are of real value and drive positive change.

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A gift of hope for women in family violence crisis

Melbourne friends on track to collect their 15,000th gift box to women in family violence crisis accommodation.

Selina Ife, New Day Box

A month before Christmas in 2012 Cyan Ta’eed read about a Canadian charity that organised gifts for women in family violence crisis accommodation over the Christmas period. At the time she didn’t realise that article, and the idea that stemmed from it, would impact more than 10,000 women fleeing family violence over the next four years.

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Girlfriend, you’ve got this

Girlfriend, you’ve got this.

Miss Collective’s Female Founder’s series kicked off with this resounding message from Justine Flynn, co-founder and Director of Brand for social enterprise Thankyou. After the initial confidence booster, Justine took us through the incredible story of Thankyou and sparked inspiration in each of her captive audience.

Hearing how Justine, Daniel and Jarrod overcame multiple challenges to see Thankyou have donated more than $4.69 million to aid projects to date, there were many key outtakes:

Find you ‘why’ in what you do

If you have a burning passion in your heart for what you’re doing, then in the face of obstacles you can always find a reason to keep going.

Leaders are learners.

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Be scared – but do it anyway

One of my favourite parts of Miss Collective and SheSays events is meeting amazing women during the pre-event drinks and networking. Last week at our Female Founders event with Cyan Ta’eed, I had the absolute pleasure of meeting brilliant women from all sorts of sectors and professions – IT, data analysis, tech start ups, digital agency and even a business owner in the niche medical tourism field! Networking doesn’t come naturally to me but I’ve never felt intimidated at our events – somehow, without fail, our attendees are consistently friendly and interesting to talk to.

But moving on to the main event – the super-smart and super-successful Cyan Ta’eed, co-founder and executive director of digital marketplace Envato. Which is basically a one-stop shop for everything people need for their creative projects.

Cyan and her husband Collis have built a worldwide success with Envato over the past 10 years, and the story of their journey is equally as inspiring as hearing about the leadership that Cyan and Collis continue to deliver to their organisation in it’s quite unique culture.

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