Bec Brideson bringing us #LikeABoss

Bec managed to fit her 25 year career into 2 hours with our full house at Blix Spaces and opened the night by talking about the importance of supporting women in our industry… and damn straight we do! And that’s why we do what we do, and why we run our Miss Collective workshops, to try and help empower women in the marketing, media and advertising industry to reach their goals and help them level up their careers. 

Setting the stage, Bec talked to us about the purchasing power of women in today’s economy with women making 9 out of 10 household purchase decisions. Bec talked about how today’s advertising industry is really still stuck in the past…where we were influenced by war, with ‘guerilla’ marketing, ‘target’ audiences, etc. And whilst the world has mostly moved on from “men were men and women were the housewives”, there is such a big lag between our reality and the way that the industry is operating.

Some fast facts about today’s state of the industry

  • Female Creative Directors make up only 6% in today’s agency environment
  • Of agency Creative Departments only 23% are females
  • In senior management of ad agencies, 26% are women
  • Of Australian CEO’s – only 17% are women
  • And, at a board level, only 23% of Australian ASX boards are women.

So ultimately, we want to take control of our careers and level up… You can say ‘fuck it’ or you can fix it. How can we outsmart some of these activities where we aren’t treated as equals? Bec gave us some tangible ways to look at goal setting and improving our gravitas. She tells us that Executive Presence comes down to three things – Appearance, Communication & Gravitas. We spent some time workshopping how we would rank ourselves, and then how important certain factors were to today’s leaders when looking for the next Executive. 

In looking at goal setting, Bec tells us “don’t be afraid to go lofty with your goals” – but make sure you review them at 3 month, 6 month and 9 month intervals. We do this for our clients – we have to do it for ourselves!” Bec recommended looking at Danielle LaPorte’s Daily Planner which she’s been using for the past 18 months. 

Bec provided a great framework for setting those goals – Big Picture, Weekly, Monthly and then looking at how you can prioritise your Personal Brand by using the 4P’s of marketing.

#likeaboss Bec Brideson Worksheet

Bec’s parting wisdom urged us to:

  1. Commit to yourself the time that you need, to get to that place where you want to go.
  2. Give yourself the same care, love and attention that you give your business… because you are a business at the end of the day

So tell us, would you like to go a bit deeper? Are you keen to do a another workshop with Bec and the Miss Collective team, or did you miss out on attending this one? Register your interest by emailing us. If we get interest of 12 or more, we’ll happily organise another session!

Bec Brideson






A rarity in advertising, many consider Bec Brideson Australia’s ‘Cindy Gallop’. She is one of only 3% of women to become a Creative Director, with a much lauded career and a reputation for pioneering the conversation around marketing, advertising and the importance of women. Fed up with the ad industry’s ignorance and injustices, Bec set up Australia’s first marketing-to-women agency, Venus Comms in 2004. Under her direction, Venus Comms has led the way for the past decade with ground-breaking methodology and strategic campaigns, gaining incredible results for visionary clients.

Bec is now running her own consultancy,, which helps agencies and clients leverage the power of the growing female economy. Bec speaks around the world on the importance of women and the power of diversity and was the first Australian woman to speak at the Cannes Lions. She is also writing her first book titled Female$.

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