Event Wrap Up: Mindfulness, Work & Me

It’s no surprise that we find it hard to find time for ourselves in the industries that we work  in. The industry of tight deadlines, ‘need it now’, endless emails and rising expectations, it’s difficult to find even a few minutes to reflect, let alone de-stress.

Joining 70 women and a few lucky men at SapientNitro on Tuesday night, we heard from Addie Wootten, CEO of Smiling Mind, and Steph Prem, founder of Premium Performance / Studio PP.

In 2015, 45% of Australians reported being stressed about work. We spend a third of our lives at work, so it’s crucial to our health and wellbeing that we learn to find some time and space to help ease the stresses of our jam-packed working lives. Approx. 90% of our audience admitted to being stressed at work, and hopefully we gave them a few take home ways to help reduce stress in their environments.

Addie Wootten from Smiling Mind and Steph Prem from Premium Performance

Addie Wootten from Smiling Mind and Steph Prem from Premium Performance.
Photo credit: Fiona Wilhelm

Addie talked to us about the great work that Smiling Mind do, and started our evening with one of the guided meditation from their free mobile app. Getting us tuned into our senses, Addie had a great way of helping us learn some ways to be mindful without having to practice formal meditation. Often mindfulness is not about finding the quiet, but rather about letting yourself feel what you need to feel and acceptance.

Some other key takeaways that we took with us into our week from Addie:

  • Meditation is used not just to help you sleep or to relax, and it can be more effective at opening and developing neural pathways
  • Try to develop a routine to practice short meditation rituals. It could be every time you have a coffee, while you’re waiting at traffic lights, or when you have a shower. These are known as mindful cues.
  • Mindfulness doesn’t have to be used just to help you sleep or relax, but it can have huge impact on opening and developing your neural pathways.
  • Be present! 47% of our time is spent thinking about the past or future, and half of that is sleeping! So try to be more present and appreciate the here and now.

Overall, meditation shouldn’t be a goal, but more something that we can fit into our day to day in manageable snippets. You’ll create the habit quickly enough once you realise the impact it’s having!

Steph shared her journey as an Olympic snowboarder and the turning points that have led her to where she is now. Going through the trauma of breaking her back after missing a jump, Steph’s spent the past 5 years focussing on health and wellness, particularly for women. For women, she finds that we put so much pressure on ourselves that we need some focus and support to help improve our health & wellness.

Our key takeaways from Steph that we’re already practicing at MissCollective HQ:

  • Control your controllables: Not everything can be controlled, so don’t try!
  • Try writing a list of 5 things that you’ve done to be kind to yourself over the past week – if you can’t write any, make sure you try to find some time for yourself in whatever capacity works for you.
  • Bodyscans: Listen to your body! Take a moment and do a daily bodyscan and listen to how your body is feeling. Close your eyes and connect from your head to your toe and your body will usually reveal its’ tensions.
  • Bob: Bob is Steph’s “me time” that is blocked out in her calendar and is immovable. Make that commitment to yourself and make reserved time that you make sure you do something for yourself, whether it’s going for a walk, going to a pilates class, cooking, whatever makes you happy, which helps you to protect your negotiables.
  • Mental & Physical: Find your balance between mental and physical – you can’t perform at your best if you’re not taking care of both sides.

So what can you do to start living in the present and have a more positive impact on your health and wellness? Try just starting mindful meditation for one minute each day over the course of a month and see the positive impact it has on your state of mind and wellbeing!

Make sure to check out Smiling Mind’s free app, and sign up to Premium Performance’s mailing list to stay up to date

Huge thankyou to our sponsors for the evening Studio PP, LVLY, & SapientNitro, without their generosity nights like these wouldn’t be nearly as much fun!

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