Girlfriend, you’ve got this

Girlfriend, you’ve got this.

Miss Collective’s Female Founder’s series kicked off with this resounding message from Justine Flynn, co-founder and Director of Brand for social enterprise Thankyou. After the initial confidence booster, Justine took us through the incredible story of Thankyou and sparked inspiration in each of her captive audience.

Hearing how Justine, Daniel and Jarrod overcame multiple challenges to see Thankyou have donated more than $4.69 million to aid projects to date, there were many key outtakes:

Find you ‘why’ in what you do

If you have a burning passion in your heart for what you’re doing, then in the face of obstacles you can always find a reason to keep going.

Leaders are learners.

Leaders are always learning, with everyone watching them. Being open to making mistakes and moving forward is essential for start up success.

Trailblazers don’t have Google maps.

Thankyou has been built on non-traditional approaches every step of the way, including flying a helicopter above Coles and Woolworths’ head offices to help get their products on supermarket shelves. There’s no one path to building a business, so forget the map and forge your own way.

We rise by lifting others.

The Thankyou team is built on respect, made up of people who have each others backs. The strong team culture is evident not only in the brand’s success but in its’ dedication to all-staff squat sessions at 3pm each day! Justine’s message is that by supporting the people you work with to achieve their best, rather than cutting them down, you can become an unstoppable force.

Don’t fall in the comparison trap.

When you compare yourself to anyone else, you’re either going to feel more superior or more inferior. This is a trap that limits you from being all that you’re meant to be it. Don’t fall into it.

Justine Flynn from Thankyou, with Miss Collective cofounders Kara Jenkins & Steph Webster

One final resounding message was that you can celebrate another’s success without questioning your own. Miss Collective is all about supporting women and we love nothing more than hearing amazing success stories like Justine’s. Visit for more life inspiration.

The next installment of our Female Founders series features Sarah Hamilton, co founder of bellabox. Tickets are on sale now: