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Andrea Clarke & Steph Webster

These two female founders touched down in the US today, ready and raring to go for 3 days of inspiration at the Girls in Tech Catalyst Conference! A delayed journey from Melbourne to Los Angeles saw this duo stranded in LA for a few extra hours whilst waiting for a new connection through to Phoenix, Arizona. Those of you who travel through LAX know that it’s not so much fun waiting around, so we Uber’d off to Marina Del Ray for a sneaky brunch with some friends! 

Before even setting off, our Instagram post received over 300 likes, and the Qantas staff were kind enough to retweet and respond to our tweets! Setting the benchmark for social media success, we’re looking forward to sharing some of the stories and journey of the GIT Catalyst Conference with you over the next few days.

Miss Collective cofound Steph Webster & CareerCEO founder Andrea Clarke jetting off to Phoenix

Miss Collective cofounder Steph Webster & CareerCEO founder Andrea Clarke jetting off to Phoenix.  @miss.collective @careerceo

MindFood magazine was a great way to start the trip, reminding myself of the importance of wellbeing (throwback to our Mindfulness event earlier this year) and the importance of looking after our health. It’s been quite a hectic start to the year, and so gentle reminders on this topic for me are super helpful! Such as ensuring that my body receives enough omega-3, through things such as flaxseed which I love to whizz up in my morning smoothies, to ensuring we have enough sleep every night to keep the immune system in check.

Between Andrea and I, we both forgot our reading materials in the mad dash to the airport, so we treated ourselves to some holiday reading/personal development through the new GaryVaynerchuk book #askgaryvee, The One Thing by Gary Keller and Ariana Huffington’s newie “The Sleep Revolution”… Noticing a pattern? Yep, my sleep habits have been less than ideal and I’ve really noticed the impact on my body. So I’ll check back in with you all after I read the book, and share some of my own personal journeys with sleep and the body.

Reading at LAX

Thanks for reminding me to narrow my focus!

The opening quote for this book was: “Be like a postage stamp – stick to one thing until you get there.” – Josh Billings. Love this! It’s so true – we’re truly in the busiest time in our lives, both professionally but also personally. Even as I’m only three chapters in, I’m resonating so much with this book and helping me to narrow my focus and re-think what I’m prioritising.

So, we’ve arrived and we’re ready! Ready for some inspirational speakers and some incredible networking opportunities with these likeminded, entrepreneurial women!

Thanks Delta for accommodating us on a full flight!

Thanks Delta for accommodating us on a full flight!

Stay tuned for the next few days as we report back on the Girls in Tech Catalyst Conference, and follow us on Instagram @miss.collective and Twitter @miss_collective for real-time updates. We’re lucky to be travelling with the talented Andrea Clarke, of CareerCEO and Miss Collective alumni.

Andrea Clarke

Follow Andrea on @careerceo across Instagram & Twitter for her updates on the conference as well!

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