Inspired by… Sheree Rubinstein

Sheree Rubinstein, CEO, One Roof

1. Tell us what this quote means to you and how it inspires you on a daily basis
Regardless of whether you run your own business or work for someone else, I believe we should all act and think like an entrepreneur. An  entrepreneur thinks outside the box, they take risks, they innovate, they think about the future and the way the world of work is changing, they listen and observe, they test and learn, they are resourceful, they work towards solving big problems in meaingful ways. We have this quote splashed across one of the walls at One Roof. We recognise that it is hard to be and act like an entrepreneur and it can most of the time feel like falling of a cliff but it’s also exhilarating and game changing. We encourage our members and our community to think fast, act smart and build products and services that are of real value and drive positive change.

2. What drove you to start your business OneRoof? What has been the most surprising thing you’ve learned about business since starting it?
I began my career working as a corporate lawyer and felt frustrated by the lack of gender equality that exists in business, leadership and entrepreneurship. I questioned what success looks like for me as an ambitious woman. With passion, determination and courage I left my stable career and dived into the crazy world of entrepreneurship. I created One Roof to remove the barriers that exist for women to succeed in business. One Roof’s vision is to be the #1 trusted brand for women starting and growing successful businesses around Australia. One Roof aims to have female-centric co-working spaces in most major cities around Australia in the next 5 years providing everything women-led businesses need to thrive and succeed all under one roof.
The most suprising thing for me in running One Roof has been that I have been able to work my way through any situation no matter how hard, challenging or unfamiliar. One of the first things a mentor told me when starting One Roof was “get comfortable with being completely uncomfortable… all the time”. And it is so true. I am faced with new challenges and unknown territory on a regular basis. Whether it’s opening or closing a co-working space, splitting up with a business partner, hiring or talking to potential investors. I learn by doing and by asking people I trust and respect for their advice. There have been many challenges along the way and I have always found a way to push through and find resilience in the process.'


3. Miss Collective is all about helping women Level Up. Who has helped you Level Up in your career?
From the moment I started One Roof I have surrounded myself with individuals who help me level up. I would never be where I am and One Roof would never have had the kind of success it has achieved to date without the mentorship and support of like-minded people who have experience and share a similar passion to me. Gianna Wurzl, whom I started One Roof with and now runs an amazing business called Quilt ( has been a guiding light for me. I never would have started a business without a partner like Gianna and even though we are no longer business partners we continue to support one another, our respective businesses and our common passion to help women thrive. Catriona Wallace, Alison Hardacre, Kaitlin Tait and Kerri Lee Sinclaire who are all ambitious, intelligent and bold women working in the startup sphere have been incredible role models and mentors to me. All the Founders who work out of One Roof have helped both me and One Roof to level up. Last but not least my partner Rodney Janover and my family who have all been so supportive of everything I do. They are there to talk through ideas and challenges with me and we have spent countless weekends working on One Roof together. Without a tribe of supporters One Roof wouldn’t exist and I wouldn’t be where I am!

4. How do you keep the balance between work, life and play?

I am a hard worker and have to I am working on or thinking about my business most of the time. And it’s important to note I absolutely love what I do. I live and breathe One Roof and wake up every day excited about what we have created so far and the direction we are going in. That said, I of course have to have plenty of down time and time for play. Every morning I go for a walk and have a coffee before I start my day. I love walking. I exercise 2-3 times per week. I try to meditate as much as possible. At the moment my meditation practice is about 3 times per week for 20min at a time. I love reading and often read before I go to bed. I just finished Sarah Wilson’s book “First, we make the beast beautiful”  hich I highly recommend. Next I am going to read Sapions by Yuval Noah Harari. I love listening to podcasts while I walk and in particular I am drawn to Tim Ferris. I also love hiking, camping, cooking big dinners with friends and bbqs in the park when it’s good weather. I love going out in Melbourne. It’s such a fun city with great cultural and dining experiences. I love travelling and I spend a lot of time in Mullumbimby and Byron Bay. In running my own business, even though I work a lot, I have the flexibility to spend time travelling and working from different places. Tim Ferris calls this lifestyle design – designing how you live and where you want to spend your time.

5. What's playing on the OneRoof’s Spotify playlist at the moment?
Triple J is a go-to for the One Roof playlist. Favourite artists at the moment:
- Chet Faker
- Boney M. (love the Song “Sunny”)
- Avalanches
- Lord
- Vance Joy
- And have actually been playing the Garden State playlist lately

6. If you could give a piece of advice to your younger self, what would it be?
“Always be curious. Forever continue to learn. Your passion for supporting women and love of meeting people will guide you. Sit in the hard times as that’s when you grow the most. Don’t be so hard on yourself.”

7. Our three go to pieces of Tech at the moment are Canva, UMUN and Slack to help us be more organised and on top of things! What piece of tech are you loving that helps you work smarter not harder?
- Asana for task management
- Gain for social media management
- We are about to move to Active Campaign for our CRM tool and I know this will be game
changing for the team and the business