Inspired by… Sheree Rubinstein

Sheree Rubinstein, CEO, One Roof

1. Tell us what this quote means to you and how it inspires you on a daily basis
Regardless of whether you run your own business or work for someone else, I believe we should all act and think like an entrepreneur. An  entrepreneur thinks outside the box, they take risks, they innovate, they think about the future and the way the world of work is changing, they listen and observe, they test and learn, they are resourceful, they work towards solving big problems in meaingful ways. We have this quote splashed across one of the walls at One Roof. We recognise that it is hard to be and act like an entrepreneur and it can most of the time feel like falling of a cliff but it’s also exhilarating and game changing. We encourage our members and our community to think fast, act smart and build products and services that are of real value and drive positive change.

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